My Other Blogs

On Tumblr – Just for some some extra info

The Global Read Aloud - Homebase for the Global Read Aloud Project

Mrs. Ripp Reads – A blog with book reviews geared toward 5th grade and up

My classroom website – because these kids are amazing

My Kidblog site - again didn’t I tell you these kids are amazing

7 O Sharks – The awesome team I teach for

3 thoughts on “My Other Blogs

  1. I just read that you are the creator of the Global Read Aloud! Wow! I also read that you loved and read The One and Only Ivan and I wanted to share with you that I am thinking of doing a Global PBL using that book. I will keep you posted if you like. I need to talk to Michael Graffin, the Global Classroom Projects creator, but I think he will go for it! Here is a link to my blog: Thank you for being so inspiring and sharing your brain, but more importantly, a piece of your heart! :)

  2. We absolutely loved and adored The One and Only Ivan last year and have so many resources on our Wiki for it – what an incredible book to do a PBL project on. I truly think that book took the GRA to a new level of amazingness. Thank you for reading my blog, I am so thankful for you.

  3. your students are amazing…wish I got to blog when I was in school!

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