goodbye, promise

Next Week I Promise

As our goodbye nears in my fantastic 4/5 class, my students are getting progressively rowdier, louder, more fidgety and less able to focus on learning.  Students get overstimulated more easily and sometimes de-escalation takes hours rather than 15 minutes.  With one week left to teach them before I hand half of them over to a new teacher, it was hard not to dread how loud they would end up getting this last week.  And yet, who can blame them?  We have built an incredibly community in our room and real friendships have emerged.  No longer are kids designated by grade level but rather by their qualities and how they connect with others.  They know they have my heart so as my class gets ready for a new adventure, and I silently grieve the loss of these amazing students, here is what I promise:

I promise to always be your teacher, no matter who’s room you go to in the morning.  I promise to care for you as long as you let me.  I promise to read your blogs and approve all of your comments as you continue to keep friendships alive.  A promise to check in, to check out when you don’t need me, and to help you transition.  I promise to listen to your dreams, adventures, and your fears.  I promise to tell you every day how incredibly lucky I feel to have had you as my kid these past 6 weeks.  You will always be my kid.  I promise to step back, breathe, and understand that you acting out is just because a change is coming.  I promise to cry within moderation, (not sure if I can keep that one).  I promise to smile, to laugh and to tell you just how incredible you are.  I promise to care long after the bell has rung on Friday, the nametags have been replaced and the lockers reassigned.  I promise to never forget this class, this journey, these kids, you.  I promise.

1 thought on “Next Week I Promise”

  1. This must be such a hard time for you Pernille. I am inspired by your open sharing and hope there will be good to come out of this. Those kids have been given such a gift to start the school year with you. Thanks for sharing.

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