When the World Continues to Turn – Goodbye to My Morfar

Today I woke up and received the news that my incredible morfar or grandfather had closed his eyes to the world in the middle of the night.  This man who lived 95 years and was married to his soulmate for more than 60 slipped away peacefully, certain that he had fulfilled whatever destiny he had been given.  So as the world continues to turn and I still gather my things to go to school, I move forward honoring his memory and cherishing the moments where he made me feel like I was his favorite grand child of all.  I really think I was.

Grief is a selfish emotion.  We grieve because the world does not stop and take notice of the giant hole we feel all around us.  We grieve because we get no more time, no more memories, no more chances to ask them to tell that story again.  We grieve because death is cruel and necessary.  Grief pierces our heart over and over until we hopefully as ancient people ourselves finally feel our hearts give in to the world. 

We honor this man as we move on and pick up the pieces.  As we circle around my 98-year-old grandmother who now stands alone against the world.  We remember him and his love for us every time we look at my daughter, Theadora, who shares his middle name.  She too loves life fully and stubbornly.  She too makes you feel like you are her favorite in the whole world.  Through her eyes, the world continue to spin and the night sky gains another star.  Sleep well Morfar.

7 thoughts on “When the World Continues to Turn – Goodbye to My Morfar”

  1. Beautiful post. You have portrayed the reality of grief so well. My grandmother, too, had a way of making each of us feel as if we were her favorite. It is a quality I hope to take into my classroom, as well as with my children and someday my own grandchildren. It also reminds me of my sweet German Grandma, whom my Emma is named after. Grandparents are a precious commodity to be cherished. We have so much to learn from their lives and carry with us. Thank you for allowing us to celebrate his life with you.

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