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It Takes One

“Here you go, you can have this one.”  A little boy gives a train to Thea and she eagerly grabs it from him.

“You can also have this one,” he says and once again happy fingers snag the train.
Another little boy approaches the train set and Thea turns to him, “Here you go, we’re sharing.”  And with that, 3 happy strangers each with their own train piece playing alongside each other.
It takes one child to start a behavior.  One child who shows others what to do or not to do.  One child to be the leader; right or wrong.  That child can choose to bully or that child can choose to lead.  A choice to think something is “cool” or not, a choice to accept or reject.  Sometimes the choice is made deliberately, other times it is matter of timing, comfort and perhaps even manners.  
It takes one adult to start a behavior, to set the precedent, to take their mood and view and influence others. It takes on adult to either welcome or dismiss ideas, new people, or even students.  One adult to show what to do so that others may follow.  Are you that adult?  And if yes, how do you lead?

3 thoughts on “It Takes One”

  1. First let me say, I love the work you do and often use it as inspiration! Second, let me tell you I am huge on intellectual property. Because I believe everyone's hard work deserves to be credited I want to share with you that I believe that much of your work is being used by another individual as if it is their own. See this Twitter post:Mr. Sapia ‏ @mrsapia_teach Reply Retweet Favorite · OpenInternet Safety Plan. #4thchat If you have granted Mr. Sapia permission to use your resources, please accept my sincerest apologies for involving myself in your business. If you have not granted him permission, please know that he regularly shares your work on Twitter and his own web page as if it were his. Perhaps this is purely accidental, I hope it is. I bring this to your attention only because I know the amount of work you must put into your fantastic resources

  2. And if the adults aren't modeling this, how do we ever expect the kids to learn?Pernille, once again I read one of your posts at just the right time. It's all about the choice we make in how we want to handle situations. Choose to lead and help people making meaningful changes for students, or choose to gripe and complain and put yourself first. I know which one I choose… students first each time.

  3. Becky, thank you so much. I have really ben pondering the role model we play for our students even in our more social situations and what they pick up on? We know who influences who in schools and I just wonder what people can do with their influence if they were aware of it. I have become much more aware of how I approach new people and new ideas because of this. Thanks for reading.Pernille

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