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Forms and Things to Help You

It seems every year I create a form for something I need:, a form to do student-led conferences, a form to get to know kids better, a form to have students self-assess.  And definitely a form to do student blogging and use technology in the classroom.  Every year I seem to not be able to find my Google docs with these forms or someone asks me for one and it takes me a while to find the current version.  So with this new blog I thought why not organize and share all of the forms I use in my classroom.  That way if you need something, perhaps this can help you be inspired to make your own or you can just use mine, I don’t mind as long as you give credit.

As the year progresses and my needs change, I will continue to share what I use.

Forms for the beginning of the year 

Forms for technology use

Forms to help with student-led conferences

Forms for students to self-assess



11 thoughts on “Forms and Things to Help You”

  1. I genuinely appreciate your willlingness to share your musings, tips and documents. I am committing all of the information to my computer.
    You are completely on target about the need to get rid of the filing cabinets with all the paper. Really, when was the last time I used anything out of those files? Thank you for the ‘push’.

  2. Thanks for being so willing to share! These will help other teachers realize a couple of important things – they are doing some things like other great educators and/or they can always make changes to enhance their practice!

  3. I just heard you speak at nErDcamp2018 and am interested in your work. I am trying to access the links above, but keep getting the oops message that nothing is found. Any ideas?

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