Work with Pernille – Consulting, Coaching, and Presenting

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Pernille’s work is centered in the needs and wants of children and the notion that our educational system is set up to silence many of them, but that it doesn’t have to be that way.  Throughout our practice and decisionmaking we can co-create learning spaces that not only respect and honor each child, but also help create opportunities that go beyond our schools.

She is a current classroom teacher teaching 7th grade English, as well as a literacy coach that works with schools all over the world, author of four professional development books and someone who invites others into on-going conversations around the globe about books, reading/writing identity,  classroom literacy, and engaged and empowered students and learning communities.  She also founded The Global Read Aloud, a free global literacy initiative with a simple goal: one book to connect the world. Currently, over 1 million students across 85 different countries participate every year, with thousands more joining each year.

Her work in fostering classroom connection, community, and engagement has received multiple national-level awards and been featured by The New York Times,The Guardian, Publishers Weekly, Literacy Today, Educational Leadership, and School Library Journal.

Areas of Expertise Include:

  • Co-creating sustainable literacy communities centering on individual reading and writing identity and exploration.
  • Co-creating and supporting personalized learning environments for staff and students.
  • Student engagement and empowerment.
  • Global collaboration through technology infusion.
  • Inquiry-based explorations and teaching.

Modes of Collaboration:

  • Workshops for school districts, as well as in-service PD days, virtual or in-person.
  • Keynotes for conferences, as well as featured presentations and workshops.
  • Virtual literacy coaching to supplement support in-district.
  • Virtual or in-person workshops and webinars, either continuous or one time events.
  • Individual mentoring and coaching, accessible through Patreon.

For inquiries and quotes for schools or districts, organization based, conferences, or individualized training, please contact

For individual coaching and collaboration or brainstorming, please submit inquiries by joining my Patreon.