Global Collaboration

My students have been actively connecting with the world since 2010 and being a native Dane means that Global Collaboration is something we are invested in.

How Do You Create A Global Collaborative Project?

Blogging With Students

Blogging has been a central part of our classroom since 2010, it is an exciting way to create lasting global connections for your students.  To see how to get started or to create deeper meaning, go here.  

The Global Read Aloud

Why the Global Read Aloud Matters

Top 10 Reasons You Should Join the Global Read Aloud 

Sharing the Voice of Students

A Few Ideas for Using Skype in the Classroom

What Story Are You Telling?

On February 5th Do the #StudentLife Challenge – Show the World What A Day in the Life of A Student Looks Like

Mystery Skype Resources


One thought on “Global Collaboration

  1. I have just registered for your blog (website) and find your thoughts re-energizing. I have been an educator (mostly administration many years) and like to share this type of knowledge/writing with my staff because I perceive it to “make them pause and give thought.” The testing comments were right on and we are in the throes of testing and mandated to use Pearson and ETS. A mess. Look forward from Texas.

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