Shaping Reader Identity

Student Reading Identity

Teacher Reading Identity


5 thoughts on “Shaping Reader Identity

  1. I have 7th grade special needs student with low reading levels but I have to teach 7th grade material. How do I interest them in reading?

  2. Thank you for these beautiful ideas! I am currently an AP Lang teacher for 11th and 12 grade students. We are struggling as a school to get students to read for pleasure (not because they are apathetic) but their argument is that they have too much work for all their AP classes. I know many of my students love to read, do you have any suggestions or remedies for those issues? Thank you again!

    • I would institute reading time in class and as a whole school. If we say we value it, then we have to find time for it in our day. I know that kids have a hard time finding the time for themselves with the pressure of the AP tests so we have to find the time for them.

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