Student Engagement

These two terms have been the pillars of our classroom for years and I wouldn’t be the teacher I am without my students guidance and faith in me.  Student voice and choice are consistent theme in most of my blog posts, as you may see from the ones linked here.

Who We Are As Teachers

It is amazing how much of our outside life influences who we are as teachers.  Whether it is following our own passions, having children, or simply paying attention to the world around us, who we are as teachers is definitely not contained to the classroom.  To see more, go here. 

My Educational Philosophy

I remember studying the great philosophers in college and trying to memorize who said what and shape my own beliefs.  Now my educational philosophy is much easier to remember; it’s about the kids, always.   To see more, go here.


Student Voice

A central tenet to our classroom is the voice and choice of my students.  Yet, it is not easy to get students to start trusting you enough to speak up and tell you how they really feel, but that doesn’t mean we shouldn’t try.  Here is help for you as you create a student-driven school.  To see more, go here.

Before You Hand out Homework

I have tried limiting homework for a long time in our classroom, and I know it is not easy.  So here is some help if you are looking to change the way you do homework.  To see more, go here.

Before You Give Grades

One of the potentially ways we can harm student learning is to hand them a grade with no feedback or explanation, yet moving away from grades is hard within our school system.  That hasn’t kept me from trying though and I have collected all of my posts on it here to help anyone else who wants to investigate whether limiting grades or removing them altogether is a path for them.  It is something I will never regret doing.   To see more, go here.

Before You Hand out Rewards or Punish

For too long handing our punishment and rewards has been a cornerstone of most classroom management systems, yet I have found that handing our individual rewards and punishing students only drives a wedge in the community of learners we are trying to create.  To see more, go here.


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