Before You Hand Out Grades

One of the potentially ways we can harm student learning is to hand them a grade with no feedback or explanation, yet moving away from grades is hard within our school system.  That hasn’t kept me from trying though and I have collected all of my posts on it here to help anyone else who wants to investigate whether limiting grades or removing them altogether is a path for them.  It is something I will never regret doing.

8 thoughts on “Before You Hand Out Grades

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  4. Unfortunately none of these links work. Is there somewhere else they can be found? I would really like to see what you have to say here.

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  6. Hi Pernille,

    Your site is so inspirational! My students are currently working on a Problem Based Learning project with the following driving question: What should learning look like in the 21st Century? I have several students who are researching the idea of grade elimination, and I am trying to connect them with a school that currently limits/eliminates grades. I was wondering if you might be willing to connect with my students through Skype or have our students connect for a question and answer session.

    Let me know your thoughts when you have a chance.



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