Before You Hand Out Homework

I have tried limiting homework for a long time in our classroom, and I know it is not easy.  So here is some help if you are looking to change the way you do homework.


5 thoughts on “Before You Hand Out Homework

  1. I’m about to enter my 28th year of teaching first grade and kindergarten. We have three successful children at home, two of whom attend college and one who enters the 8th grade soon. I have ALWAYS questioned the purpose of homework. All three, at some time or another, struggled with an enormous amount of busywork for homework. All three qualified for a gifted program in the second grade. All three despised homework, but dutifully did what teachers expected. The benefits of being outside and spending time with friends and family far outweigh those of “homework”!!

  2. I am getting errors when I open most of these links.Have they not been moved over to WordPress from Blogger? Thank you.

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