Student Voice and Choice

A central tenet to our classroom is the voice of my students.  Yet, it is not easy to get students to start trusting you enough to speak up and tell you how they really feel, but that doesn’t mean we shouldn’t try.  Here is help for you as you create a student-driven school.

A Student Shares What It’s Really Like Being in Our Classroom

Today I Chose Not to Share – When Is It Our Right to Share the Work of Our Students?

What My Students Want to Know

Are Just Teachers to Blame for Boring School?

From Gotcha to Good For You – 6 Ideas for Cultivating a Community of Celebration

Does It Matter Whether Students Recognize What We Do As Teachers?

When A Student Stops Asking Questions, Who’s to Blame?

If You Could Change Just One Thing

The Student’s Voice: Empowering Transformation – A Webinar Recording

When Was the Last Time You Stopped Talking?

How Dare You Tell Me You’re Bored?

10 Quick Ways to Give Students A Voice

Yes, I See You

Are We Having Honest Conversations with Kids?

5 Rules We Impose on Students that Would Make Adults Revolt


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