Teaching the Students You Have

For too long we have relied on others’ ideas to teach our own students, but this is the time to borrow the ideas of others and then make them your own, making sure that our instruction changes based on our students and their needs and dreams.

Seeing The Children You Teach

We often think we know exactly who we are teaching but if I have learned anything from my years of teaching it is that we often only see what kids want us to see.  These are the musings about the students we teach and the lessons we learn from all of them.

School Environment and Climate

So much is determined by how our classrooms look and feel, as well as the overall environment of our schools.  Yet, how much thought beyond cute or inviting is really given to these elements?  This collection of posts addresses just that.

Personalizing Learning

For several years I have been trying to teach the students I have rather than the ones I wish I had. Personalizing my learning to fit them is therefore not a fad or a buzzword but a conscious choice I make every day.  These posts will help you do just that.


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