Who We Are As Teachers

It is amazing how much of our outside life influences who we are as teachers.  Whether it is following our own passions, having children, or simply paying attention to the world around us, who we are as teachers is definitely not contained to the classroom.

To All the Teachers Who Cared This Year

It’s the Very Least We Can Do

What We Teachers Know

What I Have Learned Being a Middle School Teacher

So It Turns Out I Am a Terrible Teacher

This Is A Post

When We Forget Where We Are Going

What Having Twins Taught Me About Teaching


When You Feel Like a Bad Day Kind of Teacher

The Secret To A Happier Teacher, Perhaps

There Is No Such Thing As Balance

5 Ideas For Diffusing A Negative Mindset

Can We Discuss the Title “Lead Learners” for A Moment?

Be Careful – My Words for the New Year

Dear Administrators, I Only Have One Question

A Letter To My Bad Day Daughter

5 Things I Learned to Say That Changed the Way I Taught

I Hope They Notice

A Letter to My Daughter’s Kindergarten Teacher


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