10 uses for Voki

So I stumbled across Voki during one of my check ins with Twitter and my creative juices have been flowing. Here are my first 10 ideas for how to implement it in my room:

1. Have students introduce themselves to each other during the first week of school
2. Use it to deliver my morning message to the students
3. For shy students use to read haiku’s or other poetry aloud – or really any (short) writing
4. Introduce new vocabulary in science and math
5. For student created podcasts (we do one named “Guess that Cow”)
6. To introduce main characters in student created stories
7. My ELL students can use it to help them with pronunciation of vocabulary
8. After biography unit, have them create a character that tells facts about their researched person
9. Email them to our penpals asking them questions about their loves.
10. To share book reviews of favorite books read
These are just some of my beginning ideas, have any to add? Please do so in the comment sections.

1 thought on “10 uses for Voki”

  1. Great ideas! I think it's be great for practising second language skills. Even had a lesson planned to try it out and then found it was blocked at my school. Luckily I work in a school where they'll unblock on request, but didn't get round to it. Plan B was just using powerpoint, inserting a picture and recording sound. Worked out well in the end!

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