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So You Want to Use Kidblog?

I am practically counting down the days until school starts just bursting at the seams with all of the great technology we are going to use next year.  One of our main components will be our kidblog but since this is the first year anyone has done anything like this in my school, there was some safety business to handle first.  So here are my links to an internet safety plan my students will sign as well as the kidblog introduction letter I am sending home to parents.

11 thoughts on “So You Want to Use Kidblog?”

  1. Thanks for sharing your resources. I will be using this year with my 4th graders and like you I'm excited to get started. We will have to connect our 4th graders and become blogging buddies. "See" you soon.

  2. I too plan to use Kidblog for the first time this year. I teach 6th grade and am really excited to have found this site. I played around with others, but this one seems perfect for my students and I. We're going to start with a classroom blog, then they'll graduate to individual blogs (hopefully) around October or November. I'm excited to be implementing a tool that I've enjoyed personally for quite a while. I'm anxious to hear about your progress. Twitter: @chaugen

  3. Great information Pernille! Thanks! I was wondering do you have a video that you use (or know of) to introduce KidBlog to students?

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