Saying Goodbye from a Student

This letter was written by one of my students to the husband of my friend and colleague who passed away Saturday.  If we ever wonder why we become teachers this is an example of the lives that we touch.  Cindy would have been so proud.

Dear Mr. Littel,
Hi, my name is Jordan.  I am a fourth grader at West
Middleton Elementary and live a few minutes away from you in Cherrywood.  I had your wife Cindy as my kindergarten teacher.   I heard about her passingL. 
Mrs. Littel was a wonderful teacher and a wonderful person.  
I remember the last day that she was at school and I went up to her and
I said, “Good bye Mrs. Littel,” and she gave me a big hug.  I will miss those hugs and I think you will too.  
I remember when we got to make ginger bread houses with her in class. I could not figure out how to put the icing on, so Mrs. Littel came over and she helped me.  
I have so many amazing memories of her and I will never forget her.  She will always be in my heart.

P.S. That ginger bread house tasted AMAZING! J   
                      First day of Kindergarten                                           First day of 4th Grade

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