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If We Teach to the Test

If standardized tests determine how we teach, then students would probably:

  • Never raise their hand; after all they will prove their knowledge on the test.
  • Never explore around the topic, twisting it, turning it on its head and perhaps coming up with new questions.
  • Never ask different questions than what the teacher expects.
  • Not participate in discussion after one answer has been given since usually only answer is enough on a test.
  • Always be very, very quiet because to take a test there must be silence.
  • Always be cordoned off by privacy folders fore they must not cheat off each other.
  • Always know exactly where they rank and whether school is for them or not.
  • Realize that thinking creatively will hardly ever pay off.
  • Always ask what their grade and rank is and then flaunt it whenever they can since this is what a test-obsessed society deems important.
  • Be very god at filling out little bubbles inside the lines, making their mark and heavy, as well as erasing mistakes completely.
  • Never attempt to place an answer outside of a designated area.  After all, thoughts only get so much room to be explored.
  • Not really need a teacher, perhaps a scantron would be just fine.

3 thoughts on “If We Teach to the Test”

  1. This is the teaching/learning culture in South Korea unfortunately where most NTs and NNTs are required to teach to test. I remember a student demanding the right answer with an ambiguous question and getting a simple 'it depends' type of answer. My term teaching to test methodology; "Spoonfed EFL"

  2. I like this a lot. I hate having to consider the state test when lesson planning. It takes so much away from the learning experience. Great post. I've added a link to it on my site.Thank you, Sam

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