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If We Could Grant Wishes

Yesterday we had our winter break party with our first grade reading buddies.  Students listened to holiday music from around the world, ate aebleskiver (a Danish treat), and cut out snowflakes for a wish tree.  We told them to write their wishes for the new year on these snowflakes.  This morning as I spearated the glittered and glued together snowflakes, I read them.

I wish for an Ipad (hey, a child can dream), for a bunny, dvd’s, games, world peace even.  I wish for a great year, for sleep, for more world peace (definitely a 4th grader).  A rat, a dog, a magic wand, flat screen tv’s, Nintendo D.S., fish, a pool, and even a bigger house.  And then there it sat, glued to another wish, unassuming and small:  I wish I had more friends.

If only teachers had a magic wand…

1 thought on “If We Could Grant Wishes”

  1. Pernille,If you know who wrote this, I would love to hook them up with some of my eighth graders. You could present it as there is a class that is looking for a pen pal, would you be interested? We could do some exchanges, they could send us some of their writing…a story… a picture, we could record some video and send, whatever we could do please let us know.

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