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Which Lens Do You View the World With?

We choose how we view the world, a line taken from an excellent post recounting a mother whose daughter has autism speaking to a group of MIT professors. Think about it for a moment, it is a quite deep sentence, we choose how we view to world…

Now flip that to your classroom, your school, your community; we also choose how we view these. Do we come to school with dark colored lenses where no matter what our students do, it is simply not good enough? Are our lenses wonky where we end up treating our students unequally? Is one eye closed to the world so we only see one side of the story? Or do we wear rose-colored lenses so that the world always seems bright and cheerful?

My lenses are clear, therein lies no fog. I view the world every day with a slight rosy tint to it but clear nonetheless. And more importantly, my lenses work both ways; they view the world and they view myself. I am always checking, readjusting and cleaning off my lens, so that whomever I encounter gets a clear view and not one tinted by perception. Is it time you clean your lenses?

2 thoughts on “Which Lens Do You View the World With?”

  1. Love the post Pernille. Our counselor is always telling me I have my rosy peepers on. I sure hope so. That is the best way to view people and the world around you. I bet you lens can get pretty rosy too. Thank for reminding us to keep a positive outlook.

  2. i think i'm the kind who is constantly trying to clean her glasses to make sure she is seeing the world as accurately as possible for what is it. what can I say – I think i look through a lens trying to get the clearest honest picture possible – because that will best allow me to make decisions, more forward and best care for all students, colleagues, friends, family….I'm a realist.

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