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Warning, This Will Not Be On a Test!

Today we went sledding. 23 screaming kids, 3 excited teachers and one measly hill covered in snow that did not know what was coming. My students didn’t earn this experience, well, I am sure they have, but not in the traditional sense of earning. Instead, I looked out the window yesterday during class and realized that the snow was just perfect. The kind of snow that only comes a couple times a year in Wisconsin; pristine, fluffy, begging to be used for childish pursuits. So I declared that we would go sledding today, and indeed we did.

There was no educational value in this experience, nothing that will be assessed, reviewed or graded. I didn’t veil it as such either. I wanted to have fun, I wanted the kids to all play together, I wanted to be a kid for a while. So there we were, celebrating that literacy assessments were done with our sub and speech teacher. All kids sharing sleds, a student with autism not sledding but giving pushes to any child that needed one for extra speed. We were all there, loving the moment. Pictures? Nah, I was too busy having fun. And that is ok.

2 thoughts on “Warning, This Will Not Be On a Test!”

  1. I love this idea! A few of my teachers have commented about students' need for fun. I'm sharing this post with them tomorrow! Thanks for being 'one of those teachers' whonunderstands that children need to be children. It's not about the tests; it's about learning, exploring, and imagination. Keep up the great work and keep the posts coming.

  2. I would disagree with your comment that there is no educational value in this. Just because it is fun doesn't mean it isn't educational! The students were practicing physics in motion, they were experiencing the great outdoors in person. There were socialization elements to the experience, and learning to face their fears.

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