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When You Lose Your Voice

I lost my voice.  No, not my speaking voice but the one that writes, that blogs, that sometimes even inspires others.  It wasn’t something that I noticed happening, it just slipped away until I realized that I was in drastic need of something to regain it.  I didn’t set out to lose it, it just merely happened as life got a little too busy and the rhetoric a little too heavy.  As criticism got to my head and my own self-importance whittled, as did my voice diminish.

I am not that important, in fact, not being important is what makes this journey so incredible.  Being able to reach out to others through this blog and listen to their ideas, their creativity, their passions.  So I knew something needed to change when I started to over-think my writing, limiting myself and my reflections based on what “people” might think.

But I cannot write for an audience, I can only write for myself.  I started this journey to reflect so that is where my focus must remain.  To put it all out there, the good and the bad, the inspired and the embarrassing, because that is what makes life’s journey so interesting.  I didn’t come here to inspire or to engage, only to be me.  So with this; I reclaim my voice, unfurl it and uncover it.  Hopefully this time, I will remember to stay true to myself.

7 thoughts on “When You Lose Your Voice”

  1. I hear ya, Pernille. It's easy to get wrapped up in the spotlight (positive and negative) once you realize your words are being read globally. I've also felt as if I have lost a little of my voice. I fear becoming too preachy, too all important; and also strive to just do what I do, share my experiences, hoping that alone helps to inspire others.Thanks for the strength of saying what you have said. You pose an interesting and honest reflection here.

  2. Hmmm… I have been sitting on a few posts … written but not published as I am concerned they might be controversial, someone might take offence. As a person who runs from confrontation, I have thought and thought and perhaps thought too much. What I have written is what I believe, not earth shattering, just my thoughts. Maybe I should hit that 'publish' button. Thanks for your interesting post.

  3. I haven't lost my voice… because I haven't used it yet to blog. I'm too busy being too busy to blog. Too busy worrying about what others might think to blog. Too busy thinking to blog. Your post has inspired me to let go of all of the excuses and give it a go – I'll do it for myself.

  4. I have so many ideas rattling around, but every time I begin a blog post, I freeze. The thought of someone reading what I have NOT YET WRITTEN and judging it (me) has made me hold back. I need to start writing for me and find my voice. Thanks for the reflection.

  5. The reason I love your blog is because you take risks. It is a risk every time you share your heart with us. It is a risk when you bare your soul and reflect. I've watched you grow as a teacher, a writer and even as a mother through your blog. Your voice is clear and bright because you allow us to see what is inside of you. If we didn't stumble and then reflect, we wouldn't grow. Sometimes I read your blog and wish I had been brave enough to write on the topic you chose. The depths of self-reflection and honesty is what brings us back to your voice. I can't wait to hear what you unfurl and uncover next!

  6. There are few blogs that are more important to me than yours. I feel a very deep connection with the reflections you share here. When I flip through your posts, I feel the energy of my teenage self when books, movies, and music moved me in a deeper way. Just remember: If someone's not getting pissed off by what we say, we're not really doing anything.

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