A Dream

I dream of being a teacher that learns along with her students.  I dream that for my children to soar I must soar along with them.  That we shall reach our dreams through hard work, diligence, and creativity.  I dream to be the teacher that says “yes” instead of “no,”  “do it” rather than “stop,” “dream it” instead of “hmmm.”  I dream of a classroom where students are engaged, on the floor, in chairs, on top of desks, busy learning because that is what they want to do not just what they are expected to do.  I dream of a school that encourages collaborations and even gives us time to do it knowing that we are only as strong as our weakest idea.

I dream of a classroom where student questions come before teacher lesson plans.  Where the goal may have been set but the journey is always being recreated, invented, or totally changed.  I dream of a school where children cannot wait to come to class because they know that they will leave there being better, more, bigger somehow.

I dream to be a teacher of all students, where culture and heritage is embraced.  Where differences are respected, accepted and then used as a strength to unite rather than to seperate.  I dream of a room where the students feel like they belong, they they are cared for, that they are loved and that their voice always, always matter.

I dream of a system where the students are not just numbers, but whole people, where we encourage individuality even in our teaching and cater to all needs, not just the ones that suit our teaching style the best.  I dream of a job where experimentation is encouraged, expected and always respected.  Where ideas are discussed, turned upside down, and shared without fear or judgment.  I dream of being in a job that is respected for what it gives to the community, for what we do every day for our students.  I dream that there is a place for me where these dreams become reality.  Where I will get to experiment with all the dreams I have, knowing that students are the ones who benefit so that they too can become dreamers.

5 thoughts on “A Dream”

  1. Every major change in the world starts with a single dream. You have an incredible dream, one that we should all (in my opinion) strive to achieve.

  2. I have such hope after reading this! Thank you for so beautifully describing what every child deserves and every teacher wants to provide!

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