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Today I Choose to be Happy

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This morning as I woke up. I chose to be happy.  It was not a hard decision, the temperature has finally reached above 60, the birds were chirping, my husband was there.  And yet, I made a choice to be that way.  When I get to my classroom this morning, I will also choose to greet my students with a smile, give them a run-down of our day and end it with a “I am so excited for today.”  I do this every day and my students crack up, after all, how can one teacher be so excited about every single day?

The attitude we bring into our classrooms is a choice, and a very important one.  There has certainly been days where I have chosen to be in an awful mood, stress will do that to you, but when those kids walk in our door, then I choose differently.  I don’t believe in putting on a show for the kids but I do believe in giving them my best, after all, they choose to come to school excited as well.  So together we get excited, sometimes we choose to be mellow and snuggle in with books in our special reading spots, other times we meditate on the floor, whatever we do, we choose it together.

So today I choose to be happy and just a little bit goofy.  The school year is winding down, my students are having  harder time focusing, so together we will not just get through the day, we will experience it.  Every moment is a choice we make, whether we acknowledge it or not.  What do you choose?

4 thoughts on “Today I Choose to be Happy”

  1. Wow, you are a teacher with a passion and I love it. You have not only a passion for your students, but a passion for life as I do. Each day is amazing and it is not determined by the weather or outside circumstances. It is amazing because of the perfect balance of peace that is found within. Thanks for sharing your incredible daily experiences.

  2. Thank you so much for your comment. I choose to be happy because I also choose not to spread more negativity in this world. I am not a born happy person but I strive to be, I think it is so important for our students and our surroundings!

  3. Thanks for the expression of something positive. We DO need to try a little harder to see that the glass is half full. But at the same time, let's not deceive ourselves. Surely your choice was a rather late event. Was it not the bird song, the beauty of nature and your openness to it, and the matrimonial security in the background that made you happy? Without any of that, you might have chosen to grin and bear things – to be cheerful even – but happy? I don't think so.Surely happiness is excessive – going beyond any act of volition. And what are we implying about the sad? Are they all responsible for their misery? Are we to blame the victims – all of them indiscriminately – for not choosing happiness?Let's be positive (as far as we can) but not delusional and not insensitive.

  4. I don't think I am trying to be insensitive, I think I am trying to be mature and realizing that what you project is your choice. I full well realize the heavy burden sadness can bring, and yet, it is part of our job to forego our personal emotional states somewhat when we enter into a classroom. That is not delusional, delusional would be thinking it was ok to bring our sadness in.

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