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It Is Time to Reclaim Tests

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Perhaps it is time we reclaim the word “Test.”

Perhaps we, as educators, can show society that yes tests are part of the picture but they are not the only way to assess learning.
Perhaps we need to change the way politicians see tests as only multiple choice, scantron torture devices and bring them into a realm of good tests.
Society has bastardized the word tests and now many educators shudder at the mere thought of them, but it shouldn’t be that way.  We know all tests are not created equal and we know that all tests are not inherently evil.  We just need to find a way to show those in reform power what a good tests looks like.  Something that actually teaches our children and helps their knowledge acquisition.
Are we up for that challenge?  Is there such a thing as good test? 
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3 thoughts on “It Is Time to Reclaim Tests”

  1. Perhaps "test" can mean that – a challenge, a feat of strength, a chance for students to prove what they know. Kids like tests when there is no judgment and it fits the task. It's essentially what a video game does constantly.

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