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How Does One Pick – Some Must See’s at #RSCON3

I swear my life this weekend will be difficult for my family.  I may be absent most of the weekend, definitely distracted but very engaged.  (Just not with those in my house).  Reform Symposium 3 is here and I am thrilled to not just be presenting twice but also to be learning alongside with educators from all around the world.  So as I sift through the schedule I decided to pick a couple of don’t misses for me that fit my learning journey.  This was very hard as there are many presentations happening simultaneously so thank goodness for the archives.

Here in time order are the presentations I am hoping to catch:

And this is only Friday and Saturday.  I do not think I will be able to catch many presentations on Sunday due to family time but I will also be trying to grab some keynotes as well as panel discussions.  As you can see, there is so much to choose from!  So whether you go to one presentation or go to many, I know the learning will be deep and you are guaranteed to be inspired.  Don’t miss out on this amazing FREE professional development opportunity.
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