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Why Educators Should Join Twitter

This is the video I made for my integrating tech class.

15 thoughts on “Why Educators Should Join Twitter”

  1. You captured the essence of Twitter's purpose for educators beautifully. I think the music goes nicely with it. Love the "Got a Chat for That". This will be a big hit both in the Twitter feeds and in your class. Thanks!Rebecca

  2. Exactly! My whole direction in teaching has changed due to my use of Twitter. Since I've always had an interest in tech, I ended up in a session about using Twitter as a teacher at a conference this spring. The connections that I have made through Twitter have been inspiring and encouraging of my growth as a teacher. As I share with parents about the changes that I am planning for this upcoming year, I have been able to share Twitter as it source and how I use this social media tool as an educator. Thanks once again for highlighting what social media can do for educators!

  3. Thank you! Perfect! I just sent this wonderful video link to my sister Louise (@hoppingreads), a 6th grade teacher, after helping her set up a Twitter account a week or so ago. She has already done a #mglitchat (tho it went by fast & furious) and is following her favorite authors, fellow teachers, and YOU! I'm hoping that she finds time to stick with it after the school year starts because I think it will help her tremendously.

  4. I am so glad that others are able to use this video, thank you so much. We all know how important Twitter is for us, the trick is to get others to see it as well. Thank you for helping me spread the word and remember to keep reaching out to those newbies.

  5. Pernille,Great Animoto! Do you mind if I use this with my staff? I have a PD day with them Thursday, and twitter is one of the topics we will be discussing. The professional development aspect of twitter is second to nothing. Connections, learning, and growing…all found on twitter.

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