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#WhyILoveTeaching is Born

Last night as Justin Bieber played through my speakers (my daughter and I were having a dance party), I tweeted this

And with that a new little hashtag was born.  I tweeted a couple of more reasons and then others started to join in.  These weren’t the big reasons like we change lives or what we do matter every day.  We always talk about those things,.  These were all those extra little reasons that teaching is an incredible job.  That teaching matters.

So I challenge you, send out a tweet explaining why you love teaching – the goofy reasons why, the little things we forget to discuss and use the hashtag #WhyILoveTeaching.  To see the positivity in the little things, to hear how amazing our job is, now that is something to remember.

Here a couple of my favorites:


So if you have a moment, check the stream out and then add your own.  I can’t wait to hear why you love teaching.

3 thoughts on “#WhyILoveTeaching is Born”

  1. What a great idea! I'm going to look up the # now and add a few thoughts! It's important that we teachers stand up and share all the GREAT reasons why teachers are wonderful to counter all the bad press we receive in the media!

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