Giveaway: "Awakened – Change Your Mindset to Transform Your Teaching"

I am very excited to host my first ever giveaway!  Angela Watson, who’s mindset is an inspiration to me, was kind enough to send me a copy of her new book “Awakened – Change Your mindset to Transform Your Teaching” to read.  I loved the book and its message of positivity and the choices we make in our minds so I knew I wanted to pass it on, so rather than just my local PLN benefitting, I thought “Why not pass it on to you guys?”

This book is a great read if you feel you have hit a slump in your mindset or even if you are on path to more positivity, Angela does a great job relating her own story and the realizations she made and then helping you transform your mindset as well.  I particularly enjoyed her small steps to overcoming negative self-doubt and how to take control of your feelings.  Another thing I enjoyed was how many of the situations I could relate to even though I am an optimist myself, there are still those moments where we get sucked in and carried down a path of doubt, low self-esteem and negativity.  Angela does not present her book as a surefire quick method but more of a journey with highs and lows along the way.  Her stories were relatable on so many level and the book was easy to read.  (One note: Angela does speak of her religious breakthrough and I am not religious but still believed in her message of taking control of oneself.  So you do not have to be religious to appreciate this book.)

The giveaway is easy; leave a comment (with your email or some way to contact you) giving me either your own mantra for positivity, a story, or a reason for why I should send the book to you.  I will end the giveaway on Sunday and then alert the lucky winner.   I am happy to share this fantastic book with other readers.

9 thoughts on “Giveaway: "Awakened – Change Your Mindset to Transform Your Teaching"”

  1. Ooh, I think I might be first…do I get bonus points for that? 😉 I'm in grad school getting my MAT after 8 years of teaching internationally. While I am an experienced teacher, dealing with the overwhelming bureaucracy of US public schools is taking its toll. This book might be just the ticket for me. Thanks!go.megan.go (at)

  2. I would love this book! This year I was finally hired as a 1.0 permanent teacher, which is VERY exciting, but my board made an error and they were 34 jobs short, I was one of those 34. My first half of my job, I will be teaching grade 4 (a new grade to be) at my old school, and for the second half of my job, I will be at a school that is a half an hour away, teaching 7 different subject areas to 4 different grades, and this position is a Long Term Occasional. I am super stressed about having to make it back and forth to each school, and about all that I am required to teach. I feel that this year will be my worst and I worry the kids will suffer because of my assignment. Maybe this book can help me and my students have a better year!

  3. I was going to give you lots of compelling reasons why I could use this book to inspire some of my pre-service teacher ed. students, and a few recent graduates who are working in my school as well. But, having just read about "Ms McNulty", there's no question she needs it more than I do. It's a shame to have enthusiastic, new teachers who are all set to make that positive difference be treated like this professionally. I hope you give her the book. Drive carefully between those jobs, Ms McNulty.

  4. OK…I have been transformed by my new PLN…never had one before, and all the blogs I have discovered. I agree…would love to add to my library and positive thoughts never hurt, but Ms McNulty has a story that needs positivity. Hang in there and remember that the students are what you are in it for. You will touch their lives!Mrs. Stockert

  5. I NEED this book. Due to budget issues we lost 2 positions in my small K-8 charter school for this year. Combine that with my principal leaving this summer and 20 hours of staff development the week school began (year round…we send progress reports home this week) and I feel like I am digging myself out of an endless hole. (I am sure my digging is just creating an even bigger hole.) I have been looking for a way to adjust my attitude and be able to work smarter now that my responsibilities have increased and my time to "plan" has decreased to almost zero.Having said all this I can't imagine teaching 7 subjects to 4 different grade levels…AND teaching 4th grade at a different school…my problems are nothing compared to that. I'll just go buy the book. At least my school gives us a bit of classroom money!Thanks for offering this giveaway. Hope Ms McNulty can find a mindset that works for her and her students!@tarheelmommy95

  6. Thank you everyone for sharing your stories. The decision was very obviously made for me as many people expressed that MsMcNulty should win the book. I will be sending it out to her as as I get her address but thank you so much everyone for adding your stories, keep an eye out for more giveaways very very soon.

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