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My Students Create Their Vision

As promised my students created their own vision of our classroom journey.  I loved to see how many of them shared ideas and also how they worked together as a team.  I can’t tell you how many times the word “family” was used when they discussed their vision.

7 thoughts on “My Students Create Their Vision”

  1. Absolutely Amazing – love the way you empower the children in your class. Would your students mind being epals with a Grade 5 class in my school? I can find out if one of our teachers would be interested in partnering with you.Thanks,Neerja

  2. Love this year's vision! We're working on ours right now and I need some help with process. Each student wrote a hope or wish for the year and drew a picture to go with it. I was going to scan some of their drawings and add photos for them to choose from. How did you have your kids decide on finally wording, sequence, visuals, etc? Did you assemble the final product? If not, how do 24 kids work on one Animoto video?

  3. I showed them my vision for the year, which I created over the summer and then I showed them the vision video the kids came up with last year. Then they broke into teams and just spoke to each other. We then then shared our ideas, picked our wording, and wrote it into the Animoto – I have the free educator account. After that the kids looked through the pictures, picked the ones they liked, picked the music etc and then finished it. My classroom was pretty chill while we did this, the kids were talking and hanging out wherever they wanted to as long as they could see the screen. It was very relaxed and together. I hope this helps.

  4. All I can say is amazing! The use of graphics and music was awesome! The visions were inspiring as well, and very mature for a 5th grade class. The fact that they are so willing to work together is great!@lnm801

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