being a teacher

I Am the Solution

With every footstep I take down our long hallways, every time I walk past a door filled with noisy children learning,  I hear, “I am the solution.”

With every meeting, every set-back, ever promise fulfilled or spoken, I think “I am the solution.”

With every child’s dream shared, with every hope delivered, those visions conjured, and faith fulfilled, I believe “We are the solution.”

I could be the problem, and some times I am, but I would rather be part of the solution than working against it.  So I remind myself to be part of the solution even when I don’t want to be.

1 thought on “I Am the Solution”

  1. I think I am often part of the problem. The baggage I carry from years of teaching how I was taught, the relative ease that I can slip back into that role of the gatekeeper of knowledge, the way I get irritated easily when I get tired by the end of the week…This is why we need each other, to support the changes we need to make. Thanks for the support.

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