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5 Easy Things to Do to Cultivate Passion

I have been called many things, some wonderful some not so much , but passionate is one of the things I am most proud of.  And it is true, I am a passionate person.  I love my job, I love my kids, and the people that I surround myself with.  I passionately believe in student voice and active learning.  And yet passion in itself is not enough to change the world, we somehow need to pass it on.  So every day, I do these things to help my students stay passionate.

  1. We speak.  Without a relationship, they will never trust me enough to unleash their passion, so we take the time to cultivate one.
  2. I get excited and loud and really, really into it.  If I do not show my own passion, how can it spread?
  3. We disagree.  Knowing how to discuss is important for defending, articulating, and discovering ones passion, so we leave room for intense debates and pondering.  They must have time to think.
  4. They blog, they journal, they speak and they share.  This is where I see the seeds start to grow. 
  5. They discover new worlds with their hands, their eyes, and their brains.  Some students are passionate already, others are not so sure, but how will they ever find out what they are passionate about if we do not give them time to explore, break, build, and create?

What do you do share the passion?  To ignite it or to keep from distinguishing it?  Our classrooms should be passion cultivation areas; how do we get there?

To see how our room runs, and perhaps vote for us in the Great American Teach Off, please go to this website.  We have the chance to win $10,000 for our school which is sure to create some passionate debates.

3 thoughts on “5 Easy Things to Do to Cultivate Passion”

  1. I love these ideas! I especially love the idea of being loud, passionate and truly into what we are doing. If we can't demonstrate we love what we are doing, why do it?

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