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Blogging Gave Me an Audience and Then Some

I never was a writer until I began to blog.  Perhaps I was a poet or at least I liked to call myself one as I dredged through hour upon hour of teenage self loathing in my journal.  I never was a writer though, just someone who liked to write but didn’t know where to do it or what to even write about.  Then one day I blogged.  My husband told me to, said it would be good for me and I trusted him so I thought why not?  Little did he know how big of an effect blogging would have on our lives and on our family.

To blog is to bare ones soul, to have a conversation with the world; a conversation where anyone can become  a critic and anyone can become an inspiration.  I quickly realized you have to have thick skin to blog honestly.  And yet, blogging has allowed me to create friendships and work relationships with people globally.  Blogging has allowed me to send seeds of inspiration into the world and I have been lucky enough to be told that I have inspired others.  We choose how we represent ourselves to the world, and I represent myself through blogging.  I am not always right.  I am not always coherent.  I am not always positive even though I strive to be.  But I am always honest.  I want my blog to be a true reflection of the world I live in, the classroom I get to call home, and the incredible children that get to be part of my family.  So through my blog I invite others in to our world.  I invite others to see how a classroom can function with respect, love and honest communication.  I invite others to be the change, to be positive, and to give those children a voice.  I am no longer shouting to an empty room; blogging has given me an audience.  I am no longer alone, there are others out there like me.  What a relief.

This blog is in response to the Rockstar Meme on How Blogging Changed My World – thank you for the inspiration.

I now invite these 5 people to share their journey and their story as I feel it is an important one:
Josh Stumpenhorst 
Matthew Ray
Chris Wejr
Greta Sandler
Katie Hellerman

6 thoughts on “Blogging Gave Me an Audience and Then Some”

  1. An audience! Isn't that amazing? And humbling, too. Just found your blog and I love it. I am drawn to your words and feel connected and inspired by your thoughts on Change. Or, as I like to say, Make a Good Noise.I am a newcomer to blogging and it certainly has changed my life and broadened my horizon and stretched my thinking.I cherish the connections I have been able to make through blogging. I will look forward to your future posts.

  2. Thanks, Pernille, for following me. I'm grateful for that. Learning together is the best. No, as of yet I am not on Twitter. I've got an idea though. I'll get a Twitter account if you show me the ropes, so to speak. Sort of a mentor to get me started. You game? I am open to feedback from anyone else, too, about all things Twitter. This is one of those things where I do not know what I do not know. Enjoy,Marty

  3. Jump in, Marty! There is a large, strong community of teachers using Twitter. We connect with each other and share ideas, celebrations and frustrations. Follow @pernilleripp and then start following who she follows. You don't have to tweet…just read and enjoy. Follow me on Twitter too! @BrightTeacherCan't imagine teaching without Twitter,Amy

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