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So We Lost…But We Didn’t Really

So what do you think when you see you are no longer in the running to win The Great American Teach Off?  Bummedness at first, after all $10,000 is almost half my net salary and would go an incredibly long way in my school, but then something else… relief.  You see, who would want to be at their most innovative 4 years into their teaching career?  Who would want to peak at such a young age when I have so many years of teaching still left in me?  I hope that when I am 70, I can look back at my years of teaching and see the change, the progress.

So while my students were so disappointed, I was just fine with the news.  We have new challenges to face, new ideas (and old ones) to explore, and new things to learn.   We are on to the next adventure; thank you for believing and thank you for voting for us.

7 thoughts on “So We Lost…But We Didn’t Really”

  1. Saw the news when I went to cast my daily vote. "Bummedness" describes my reaction to a tee, but of course, your sense of perspective (and ability to find the silver lining in any cloud prevails). Keep doing what you're doing. You are an inspiration to your students and your colleagues (near and far).

  2. I was slightly more than bummed, as I actually banged my fist on the table at the conference I was at. Your influence is much greater than any contest will ever indicate, anyway, so that is a great thing.

  3. Your post is so gracious and reflective of a passionate teacher. I was rooting for you and your students! Every journey has its purpose in molding and shaping our lives. What an extraordinary journey this was for you and your students to celebrate learning and share your passion. Thank you for your enthusiasm!

  4. You are a rock star in education. Your heart of service is a great example for your students and the rest of us. Thank you for speaking to us. We look forward to learning with you and sharing your adventures.

  5. Boo. I just deleted that link from my favorites bar, where I've been voting every morning. Your perspective is lovely and you should be very proud.

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