But How Do I Pick – EduBlog Awards

The year is waning and that means we are getting ready for all of the best of lists and with that also the 2011 EduBlog Awards.  And while I had the honor of being nominated last year as best new blog, and I even nominated my own choices, I just can’t pick this year.  There are so many blogs that uplift me, provoke me, inspire me, and there are so many blogs deserving of attention that I do not even know about.  So I thought instead of an official EduBlog nomination – sorry folks – I would just share some of my favorites…  If you have a moment, visit them and add them to your reader, they are worth it

Are You Ever Going to Stop, Nope There’s Another:  This goes to Matthew Ray who really picked up steam this year with his 60 days or something like that of blogging every day.  While you would expect that your posts would get diluted after writing so many days in a row,  his instead seemed to reach deeper as he started to question his own beliefs.  Keep writing Matt, and keep challenging yourself (and me!)

The Coolest Cat Around:  John T. Spencer blows my mind weekly at least.  The humble ramblings of an inspired teacher who realizes that being human is one of his biggest strengths calls us all to action.  I cannot count how many times I have tweeted one of his posts and I am just a little bit excited that I get to call him friend as well.

I Can’t Believe They Wrote That and Why Didn’t I: This has to go to the mind of Joe Bower who’s eloquence and passion for getting rid of gradesandtests, and other insanity in education pushes my own thinking.  Thought provoking, always interesting, and definitely worthy of your time.

You Mean This Can Actually Work?  Has to go to Chris Wejr and his blog where he brings on parents and students to discuss how to make a school a community while getting rid of rewards.  His leadership leads more than just his school.

Dude, I am So Stealing that Idea:  Goes to Josh Stumpenhorst who recently won Illinois State Teacher of the Year, (whoa), the coolest thing about Josh is that he runs an insanely successful classroom.  No homework, focus on learning and students rather than your basic social studies curriculum is what makes him stand out among the rest.  And I cannot count how many ideas I have stolen from him.

I Can’t Believe I Get To Be a Part of This:  Has to go to both the funky Cooperative Catalyst where I once in a while post my rants and the whole #Elemchat group.  Both of these groups push my thinking while still taking care of me.  The work that both groups do is invaluable to my world and the world of many others.

I Can’t Believe How Much Your Top Ten Made Me Think:  This goes to Edna Sackson, who with her top ten lists impacts me and my students regularly.  Not only is she insightful and focused; she really thinks about the process of teaching and pushes us all to change, all with the power of the top ten.

Man, You Must Not Need Any Sleep Because You Just Keep On Sharing:  Has to go to 3 people who share, share, and then share some more:  Kelly Tenkely, Larry Ferlazzo, and Richard Byrne.  How they manage to have day jobs and still share as many resources as they do is a puzzle to me, but I am grateful for what they do.

Your Words Keep Running Through My Mind and That is a Good Thing:  Goes to Angela Watson and her book “Awakened” as well as her blog.  I read that book and just nodded the whole way through.  Banish those thoughts of negativity and steer yourself toward positivity, I am not one for messages, but this one stuck.

Oh Dear There’s a Person in that Sub:  Mike writes this blog set in Michigan, but it chronicles the life of a substitute teacher and is one of the best new blogs I have read this year.  Many blog ideas and how I work with my own subs have been spurred from these posts.

Of course that is not all and I could keep on going, but that isn’t the point really.  I just wanted to share some of my favorites.  I have many more so my deep apologies if yours is one of my favorites and I missed it; I am only human.  And to all of those who do want to be nominated for the EduBlogs; I am sorry I wasn’t the one to do it.

4 thoughts on “But How Do I Pick – EduBlog Awards”

  1. I ended up nominating people, but it was more about sharing people and classes that inspire me. And I'm glad to see some familiar faces as well as some new reads.

  2. John had such a great post about the Edublog awards on the Cooperative Catalyst the other day. I just started following you and glad that I did. I really enjoy your blog.

  3. Thanks for the mention, Pernille, and for your great blog. I was thinking of writing a similar post myself, but I don't think I can even mention favourites. Each one inspires me at a different time, for a different reason..

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