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The Ones That Meant the Most

We can all see our statistics and see which posts are the ones people read the most.  And yet those numbers don’t always convey those that meant the most to the author.  So I thought why not highlight the ones you may have missed, the ones that speak the loudest of the last year, the ones that meant the most.
  1. Those Things We Carry
  2.   Teachers carry more than the responsibility of teaching students.  

  3. The Story of My Brother The Onion Boy  How there is no such thing as meaningful punishment.
  4. What is Their Sentence?  We often discuss what our own motto would be but I would rather think of what my students’ sentence would be.
  5. What Type of Difference Do You Make?  We all know that teachers make a difference in others’ lives but do you think of what type of difference you make?
  6. He Was Right There – Words to My Father.  How one man choosing me to be his daughter changed my life.
  7. Saying Goodbye.  Letting go and giving thanks to my cat.
  8. Do Teachers Have the Right to Privacy?    The title explains this fascinating discussion.
  9. Teachers Save Lives Too – We Just Don’t Get Paid Like We Do.
  10. An Ode to the Lost   Saying goodbye and letting go to the child that never was.
  11. We Say and Yet.  How our words do not always match our actions.

So there you go, some that meant the most to me this year r came from the most personal place.  I do not know if I will take a break here from blogging, I will blog if the mood strikes me.  So thank you for reading this year and take care.

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