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Won’t You Be Happy With Me?

Whip cream, a quiet classroom, students reading, my daughter crashed in the car, Amos Lee…all things that have made me happy in the last 13 days.  How do I know this?  I have been documenting all of these small moments on my new blog The Happy Streak.  This is not a blog to write on but one used for personal reflection through cell phone pictures.  By then posting pictures of all of those small, usually insignificant and quickly forgotten moments of happiness, I am making myself a happier person overall.

Had you asked me on January 1st whether I had ever gone 13 days in a row being happy every single day, I would have said probably not, after all, being a teacher, a mother, a partner, a friend, a daughter all causes stress.  And yet here I am, 13 days into my happy streak and every single day I have indeed been happy.  Every day I have found smile inducing, grin bearing moments that have taken over the mood of the whole day.

This new adventure lets me record those small moments that bring the smiles.  Seeing my husband come home from work, a beautiful sunset, needing sunglasses in January, even the first snowstorm – all part of my happy streak.  By doing something as simple as taking a picture of that moment they take over my life and become the focus.  I catch myself all day now finding happy streak moments, wanting to record them, smiling about them.  I am so lucky, I have such a wonderful life, I am glad I finally realized this.  So won’t you be happy with me?  How will you realize your happy moments?  When will you begin your very own happy streak?

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