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In Which I Reveal My Biggest Project Yet

I have a hard time keeping secrets (because I get so excited) and did let this one slip to a couple of people but we are finally ready to reveal my biggest project to date.  Brandon and I are thrilled, astounded, and utterly in awe that we are expecting twins this summer.  For those who know, infertility has been a long journey for us and we have long considered Thea to be our miracle baby.  Thus the idea of two siblings for her is enough to make me cry with joy (and yes, there has been a lot of crying – double the hormones…).

So while my dedication to changing the world of education remains the same, my pace may slow down a bit.  After all, I can’t remember where I put the milk anymore let alone try to stay awake past 9 PM.  So bear with me these next few months of life-changing adventure and thank you all for all of the wonderful thoughts you have sent our way.  It worked!

The nurse actually said, “Ummm, I have a surprise for you…” and then showed us this.  She sure did – two beating hearts.

17 thoughts on “In Which I Reveal My Biggest Project Yet”

  1. I've got twins, so how can I not comment on such happy-making news. Seeing your ultra-sound brought back the memory of the first time we saw ours. They looked like little butterfly wings flapping and flapping. It was an amazing moment in a life event filled with amazing moments and so many emotions. I am happy for you and the journey that you are on. Thank you for sharing.

  2. Congratulations Pernille! I'm so incredibly happy for you and your family too! This is such exciting news. Those will be a very lucky set of twins to have you and your husband as parents!Aviva

  3. Scrubbing and cleaning can wait till tomorrow Because babies grow up I've learned to my sorrowSo settle down cobwebs and dust go to sleepI'm rocking my baby and babies don't keep.Take time for your biggest project yet. There's nothing else in your life as important.

  4. I've got a MA in Tech Integration, a job in a primary school and three year old twins. You and I could chat for HOURS! Take this time to rest and enjoy 🙂 😉

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