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I Am the Job Creator

As the rhetoric fills the airwaves, I keep hearing two words over and over… job creators.  The job creators need tax breaks, the job creators have the right to be heard, we must focus on the job creators.  Well I am here to tell you something…

I drop my child off at daycare every day with a wonderful woman that teaches her how to be a member of this society – I am a job creator

I drive my car to work and sometimes stop for diesel at the local gas station, I am a job creator

I go to school and teach students the skills they need to be successful, I am a job creator

I shop for groceries to feed my family and try to stay local as much as possible, I am a job creator

I spend my extra money at the mall chasing the American dream, I am a job creator

When the economy dries up, my paycheck gets cut so that I can feel the pain of the real world.  Well I have felt the pain all along working a job that pays me little in money but much in love.  So don’t tell me I am not a job creator, because I am the one the spends the money that keeps the economy going.  I am the one that keeps it local, buys American made, and worries about how my actions in my community affects those who held the jobs.  I am the job creator with everything I do.

2 thoughts on “I Am the Job Creator”

  1. GREAT post!!! In society we are both CONSUMERS and PRODUCERS. WE consume the goods and services, but we are also producers because we replenish and keep society afloat. The prime example that you gave in the blog which pertained to going to the mall. You are so right because when I go to the mall and spend money, I'm not necessarily putting the money in their pockets per say, but what I am doing is spending money so that the company can profit to make more good and hire MORE people to sell those goods. Everyone in society is a job creator because if there wasn't a need for it, then their wouldn't be job. I am a JOB CREATOR.Hello. I am a student at the University of South Alabama. I am assigned to comment on your blog for a few weeks. You can also visit my blog.

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