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Some Celebrate Test Scores – I Celebrate the Students

Once in a while the celebratory emails go out detailing how we are beating our districts’ average in test scores, how our school has grown as measured by these tests, how our students are progressing.  And sure, those are reasons to celebrate but I prefer to celebrate for other reasons.

I celebrate that student that raises their hand with a differing opinion because more participation is their goal.

The child that steps back and lets other take on a leadership role even though they know just how they would do it.

The kids that know when to laugh, when to care, when to try, and when to do it all at the same time.

I celebrate the shy boy that becomes a leader with a new tool and stands behind his discovery, eager to show others how to do things.

I celebrate the class that continues to work, unfazed, even if I step out of the classroom to take care of something.

Those kids that groan when school is over and cheer when they hear the plans for the next day.

The student that asks if they can pose a blogging challenge because they know they have a really good one.

I celebrate those kids that look their parents in the eyes and tell them how much they have grown but that they are not there yet but they have a plan to reach their goal.

Those kids that tell me when they mess because they would rather tell me the truth even if they get into trouble over it.

The students that notice when someone is absent and wonder where they are.

I celebrate the community, the challenges, and the growth that I see every day, every week, and every year. As middle school sneaks into our futures, I celebrate these kids that have so much to give, so much to offer, and so much courage to keep trying.  

4 thoughts on “Some Celebrate Test Scores – I Celebrate the Students”

  1. Your post today made me tear up! I feel the same way about my students. Your blog and the resources you provide have been a major boost to my classroom at a time we really needed it! Thanks for the motivation to do more and be more for my students every day! I celebrate the kids in my room and today we are celebrating all the ideas you have shared with us. Thank you for the inspiration!

  2. I agree!!! If only the state could set those examples you mentioned as measurable objectives on a standardized test. Aren't those the qualities we want to see in our students that help them to become good citizens? Isn't that a major goal of being a teacher? Good for you for celebrating these milestones in your students. Hopefully more teachers will do as you have done!

  3. I would like to add celebrating a struggling math student who has the confidence to try out a challenge problem because they have made the connection to a learned skill.I often get so caught up in filling their little heads that I forget to celebrate these things. Thanks for the reminder to stop and notice the daily triumphs happening all around me!

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