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It’s Time to Appreciate the Teacher

Next week marks a curious phenomena in America; Teacher Appreciation Week.  The one week where we are are supposed to sit back and bask in all of the adulation and admiration that the word appreciation entails.  And yet, I can’t help but think, why the need for a holiday?  Shouldn’t we be appreciating teachers all of the time?  And while many will simply say, “…But of course,” think about how teachers have been portrayed as of late in the media and in general conversations.  Our every move is scrutinized, our student test scores are used as measures to assess us, we are told we are overpaid, and should consider ourselves lucky to even have a job.  Gulp.  Not much appreciation there.

And yet, when I turn to look at my classroom, I see the appreciation.  The kind gestures from parents who support all of the ideas we have.  The students who so eagerly jump into projects and just in general are unafraid to try something new.  Administration that gives us enough leeway to try something new, knowing that it will probably benefit our kids, and husbands that are willing to listen to every single inane idea I have and flesh out the meat from them.  Yes, I am appreciated.

So while the extra attention next week certainly will be appreciated, I don’t know if it is even necessary.  I feel appreciated every single day by those kids that come into our room and hand over their hopes their fears, and dreams.  By those kids that entrust me with their secrets, with their inner most thoughts, and that even share some of them on our blog.  By those kids that believe in what we have built, in what we have yet to accomplish, and in what they can be, who have let me be a part of their journey.  Those kids appreciate me and they show it every day, perhaps it is time we have a student appreciation week?

1 thought on “It’s Time to Appreciate the Teacher”

  1. My county is celebrating teacher appreciation week by having its board of supervisors vote to approve a budget that leaves the schools with a $1M shortfall, even though the BOS has the money to fully fund the schools. I feel so appreciated.

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