My New Rules

This summer I have to make new rules for myself, new rules that don’t interfere with that 3 year old little girl that so eagerly wants to show me something.  New rules that don’t interfere with my swollen feet and impending arrival of two more children to love and take care of.  New rules that will allow me to let go of the guilt of what I do not do or even the things I do.

So this summer I allow myself to drink a cup of tea outside rather than in front of my computer.  To not check email while blinking because I just woke up.  To not search for things to blog about but go back to my natural voice.
This summer I allow myself to maybe have a bad clothes day, I have been on a good streak lately and it is ok if it ends now.  I allow myself to go to the book store and buy books that will offer me nothing more than entertainment.  This summer I will allow myself to not reach out as much, to unfriend some people and start some deeper conversations.
I will allow myself to eat popsicles and watermelon every day.  To water my plants, to go for a walk, and to even just float in a pool without a magazine.  I will go to the zoo every time Thea asks,who cares if we went the day before?  I will graciously accept any help people offer, knowing that as I get even bigger, my abilities will diminish.
I will allow myself to not care whether people like what I wrote but just to write from the heart again.  I will even allow myself not to write but instead have others share their voice on this blog.  I will allow myself to laugh and cry when I need to but keep everything in perspective.  This summer is about letting go and creating new habits.  This summer I allow myself to go back to life and step away from the cputer.  What will you allow yourself to do?

4 thoughts on “My New Rules”

  1. Mark,A good friend once told me that sometimes you have to let go to get a better grip. Good luck–thanks for the inspiration you have given Joey and me. Things are moving really fast for us here in Indiana. We did our first PD conferences at another school and watched their jaw drop when we said we didn't give any homework or tests and we let the kids "grade" themselves. Cheers,Justin Vail

  2. Pernille, I hope you have a glorious and relaxing summer with your growing family. You deserve it. I have enjoyed following you this year. In sharing your thoughts and ideas and hopes and doubts, you have enabled me to be a more reflective (and hopefully better) teacher. Andrea

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