2 years of blogging

I remember grammar, læs og forstå, and always writing depressing essays.

By 13 it was poetry, long endless drones with every metaphor known to man.  A child wanting attention so bad that drama was the way to do it.

Then back to writing for duty for the next 15 years,  Essays, reflections, papers, and always hoping inspiration would strike so that I may find my lost voice.

Wanting to write more, looking for that elusive voice I had lost.  Blogging became it; the essence recaptured, stories to be told, journeys to be dissected.

And now I feel like a writer again, that lost part of me returned, thankful and thankless, but of so needed.  Thank you for reading the past 2 years.

4 thoughts on “2 years of blogging”

  1. I enjoy reading your thoughts as much as you do penning them. Congratulations for touching our lives the past two years. You are making a difference for kids and teachers.

  2. I love connecting with your blog Pernille and how passionately and openly you share your thinking with the world…You are one of my inspirations for getting back to a medium that allows my creative juices to flow-blogging. It's amazing opportunities to reflect and share my innermost thoughts has empowered me as a learner. Keep blogging friend. You make a difference!

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