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We Cannot All Be the Best

Be the example!  Set the bar high so others will rise to it!  We want to be a beacon school!  How often do we hear all of these statements in education.  Be the best teacher you can be…Be the one others want to emulate…Be the best school…the best team…the best everything.  And yet, we cannot all be the best. The whole notion of the term “best” automatically excludes most of us.

So instead of striving to be THE best, how about we strive to be better?  To change things?  To inspire others?  To motivate? To set grand examples while still learning from others?  The truth is if we were all beacon schools no one would be able to see us from the glare.  So shine bright yes, but that doesn’t mean you have to shine the brightest because then all you do is blind others.  

5 thoughts on “We Cannot All Be the Best”

  1. Touting your multiple championships and "expecting" brightness … sounds like the New York Yankees. Ugh.I don't want to be an arrogant jackhole. I'll take the struggle so I can savor the wins.

  2. "best" is a very relative term… Being the best means very little if we have no idea what "best" is being compared to… Best means you also have to worry about your "created competition".Work with a growth mindset, have vision and goals… And move toward that.

  3. Your post has been in the back of my mind all day. The idea of being a lighthouse school or the BEST teacher plays right into the fixed mindset that Chris mentions. Trying to be the best puts us in competition with each other. When schools or faculty members compete, then ultimately kids lose. Instead, by doing what you (and one of my heroes…John Wooden) suggest, doing a bit better each day and investing our energy on being positive and into the things we can control we create a collaborative culture where everyone wins.

  4. Everything seems to be about competition these days, we can only be the best if everybody else isn't. It is so sad to think that we celebrate when others lose or do not achieve, all so we can flaunt ourselves. Instead we should focus our energies on lifting everyone up

  5. Just came across your blog . . . some great posts! Something I look for is information that makes me think . . . that's your blog! Thanks!Mr. Kieron BoyleMathematics Teacher, Ohio

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