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The Real Crisis in Education

You can’t miss it, the headlines, the politicians, the self-proclaimed experts all screaming from the rooftops, “There is a crisis in education!”  So they answer it with more testing, more cuts, more rigor, more strenuous measures.  Out with the old, in with the new.  The crisis is the civil rights issue of our time some say.  This crisis will determine America’s future say others.  This crisis of education can be our undoing, and yes they are right, the crisis is here, it is now, and we must take action.

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But wait, their crisis is not what is the problem.  Their crisis of low test scores and America’s ranking in the world is not really what will be our undoing.  The real crisis is how we are losing veteran teachers, how people with years of experience are quitting the field they love because they no longer can teach in a creative manner.  In every district across the United States veteran teachers are being blamed for the education crisis.  They are being told their methods are outdated, their methods are not teaching to the test, and by the way, they are also much too expensive.

The travesty that is losing all of these knowledge experts is what will be our educational undoing.  All of those years of experience, of knowing what works, of being able to reach children, is walking out the door with our veterans.  Those people that teachers like me reach out to when we are stumped, they are quitting in droves, sick of the testing, sick of beng the bad guy, sick of being told how to teach so that test scores can’t improve.  And I can’t say I don’t blame them.

The state of education is indeed one of crisis and I wonder when will we as a society realize that being knowledgeable is an asset, not a detriment.  That teaching in a manner that encourages creative problem-solving, hands-on learning, and that is influenced by the teacher is a great thing.  That assessing students in a way that reflects how they will be assessed in their future lives makes more sense.  That teacher worth cannot be measured by a multiple choice test taken by a tired ten year old.  And that having an experienced teacher who still loves what they do is one of the best educational investments we can make.

11 thoughts on “The Real Crisis in Education”

  1. Mrs. Ripp, I am a student at the University of South Alabama studying Elementary Education. I found your post to be extremely interesting and spot on. I believe everyone can agree that there is a crisis in education in our country, but I enjoyed reading your perspective. I hadn't thought about how these changes (with more testing and teaching mainly to pass these tests) were affecting veteran teachers. It really is a shame as I think we can always learn from those who have walked a path before us. This was a great post! My blog can be viewed at @KatReynolds87

  2. The existence of an experienced teacher is already a good help in facing education’s problem. We might not have a solution for the school’s budget right now, but I can see the existence of these teachers as an alternative solution in solving the crisis in education.

  3. There will always be problems that will arise but what is key here is how you solve them. I've been teaching for two decades and every now and then there would be problems but anything can be solved. Sadly I won't be able to take on forthcoming problems in education cause I'm planning to retire this year and I looking at some retirement communities in long island settle with.

  4. What constitutes good education apart from the attitude of the lecturers and students involve is how the society support it. Clearly, government will always post a huge effect on how a school will run. Obviously, the very reason for this is, the system will always gets affected whenever the leader changes.

  5. The government officials must lead the public to solve this crisis. Anything can be solved as long as there is cooperation from all the parties that are involved. They should bear in mind that solving this problem will definitely benefit the future of our country.

  6. I think that there is no crisis on education. It is a long learning process, we should learn from these mistakes and from there improvements can be done. Any problem or crisis can be solved, we just have to put effort on it.

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