My Nominations for Edublog Awards

Last year I didn’t nominate but just highlighted, the year before that I nominated a lot, and this year, well there are just a few that I want to highlight.  It is not so much that they need an award but I want them to know that what they have written in the past year or however long I have been reading has mattered to me, oftentimes it has moved me, many times it has directly transfereed into my classroom or school.  So here are my year’s select Edublog Nominations

Most Influential Blog Post“The Luckiest People” by Miss Night on her blog Miss Night’s Marbles.  This post finally made me realize that I needed to blog about loneliness and how we may miss the lonely kids in our rooms.  It was one of the hardest posts for me to write this year but definitely worth it.

Best Librarian Blog Mr Schu Reads – I don’t know where I was all of these years but I feel stupid for not having discovered John’s blog until now.  His passion for books and everything reading is contagious and there has been many times I have purchased books just because of his recommendation.

Best free web tool – I am starting to feel a little biased but  have to stick with Kidblog.  The fact that this blogging platform continues to be free and such a great venue for student blogging, blows my mind.

And as for the rest of the categories I just cannot pick.  I am continuously blown away by the many incredible people I follow on Twitter and in my RSS feed.  Many have inspired me, helped me, or just been there for me in the last year.  Thank you all for all of your inspiration.


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