This Kid and His Big Dreams

So I have this kid that’s been blowing my mind.  You know that kid that everybody says has “it” whatever “it is?  Yeah, this kid has it.  If you come into my room he will probably give you a smile, sometimes he is unfocused, most of the time he is not.  This kid is the leader of my classroom, I don’t know if it is because of his size, don’t know if is just his personality, but the kids they look up to him and he knows it and he leads them like a gentle giant.

This kid works so hard to get where he needs to get in reading.  He works so hard in math trying to figure out all of the crazy stuff we throw at him.  He puts in extra time after school to get better at reading, and it shows, his scores are inching up, catching up to the others.

This kid wants to be a football player when he grows up and for the first time ever I think it might actually happen; he is that kind of kid.  He has the size for sure, he has the skills, and for now, he has the dedication it takes to maybe reach that dream.  If life doesn’t get in the way…

So this kid that’s been blowing my mind, this kid that has so many dreams, I want him to keep going for it.  I want him to stay focused, to keep working hard, to not give up even if the math is really hard at times and reading and writing is tough too.   I want him to keep believing in himself and that his dreams are attainable too.

So I wonder if someone can help me with this kid and his big dreams?  Does anyone know someone that plays football for a college team or another higher level that will write him a note?  This kid bleeds Bucky Badger red but I am not sure it even has to be from someone on the Badger team.  Can someone help me get a note to him telling him how school is important and to not give up on his dreams even when life gets in the way?  To keep working as hard as he has and surprising everyone along the way, to know that he has worth and that school will only help him get to where he wants to go?

Thank you for helping me help this kid and his big dreams.


3 thoughts on “This Kid and His Big Dreams

  1. Hey Pernille,I have a connection that I will see if I can contact. Marlon Brown, a starting wide receiver for the University of Georgia, is a former student and a great guy. (Unfortunately, he recently was injured.) If I can get in touch with Marlon, I'll ask. If not, I also have a connection with the University of Memphis team-their chaplain teaches at my school. I cannot make any promises, but I'll see what i an do.

  2. Pernille,I have a connection to Peter Konz the former center from the Badgers. He is playing for the Atlanta Falcons and is from our home town and attended the school I teach at. What is the address and the boy's name?

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