The 4 Education Trends I Hope Stay in 2012

2012 is coming to a close and along with it, I hope certain trends in education also fade out of our memories.  While these may seem innocent enough, I think it is time we make a conscious effort to truly leave them behind.

  • Teacher bashing.  While most people think teacher bashing only happens outside of education, I think it is time we admit how much teacher bashing happens within our own school walls.  We have enough outside sources that fight us all, it is time we stop the in-fighting among ourselves.
  • Automatically viewing all changes negatively.  While I know not all changes are created equal, I think it is important we give change a chance, or at least reserve our judgment until we have heard the full idea.  Then we can form educated opinions and work from there.
  • Sharing just how overwhelmed we are at every chance.  While venting is healthy, I think when it is all we are focused on it loses its helpfulness.  Then we are not releasing our worries but just magnifying them.  And yes, I know that being a teacher is super hard right now, I am right there with everyone, but I find when I talk about it all the time that is all I feel and what good does that do?  Now sharing our frustrations in an effort to get help, new ideas, or work through – that I can stand behind.
  • And finally, and this is the one I have to work on in particular, thinking we cannot change anything because we are only teachers.  We are stronger than we think and together we can make a difference not only for us as educators, but also for our students.  I will continue to fight for the right kind of change every chance I get, I will continue to fight from within, I will continue to stand up to the testing obsessed system because my students deserve it.

If you had not had a chance to read George Couros’ post “3 Ideas That Will Not Change Schools” please do, this post was definitely inspired by that.


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