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My Kidblog Settings for Optimal Global Collaboration

Those who have followed this blog for a while or have found it because you are searching for student blogging resources, know how deeply passionate I am about student blogging and global collaboration.  I am therefore often asked what my settings are for Kidblog and for my students’ use of the site so I thought I would share these.  I have found these settings to offer the safety needed for my students while still allowing them and the world to have a dialogue.

Posts Settings:

I find it incredibly important that anyone can read our posts and so far my school district has agreed.  I do, however, give parents a way to opt their students out of blogging if they do not feel comfortable with their child doing it since it is so public.  However, no student has ever been opted out.  Safety is my main concern, as well as how these students represent themselves, so I do moderate all posts before they are published.  I do not get an email but simply check every day.  My students blog too much for me to be notified each time one of them writes a new post.

Comments Settings:

Again, we do  not have password to leave comments on our site nor do you have to be an approved member.  We blog to start conversations with others around the world and as long as I am moderating all comments, I feel we can do it safely.  Every once in a while do I need to delete a comment before a student sees it but mostly because it is a spam one or a duplicate one.  In the three years I have blogged with students, i think we have had 2 insensitive comments left.  i deleted them – no harm done.

Finally, Student Settings:

This is where Kidblog keeps proving its brilliance and relevance; this year they added that students could edit their own profiles, thus customizing it to fit their needs.  This has been a huge hit for my students because they feel more in control of their blog and the image they are presenting to the world.  I also like that they can change their password since this is an important computer skill for them to be aware of.  I can still access all of their accounts without knowing their password.

So there you have it, our settings for our classroom student blog, I hope it was helpful, as always if you have any questions please don’t hesitate to ask.  And no, I am not a paid spokesperson for Kidblog; I just love their blogging platform.  If you happen to live in the Wisconsin, Illinois area, I will be presenting on student blogging at ICE on February 28th.

5 thoughts on “My Kidblog Settings for Optimal Global Collaboration”

  1. Pernille,These looked familiar, so I cross-checked with my settings, and it was the same! I set them up like this last year, and it all works out well. I do play with the one that says I have to moderate all of their posts, however. There are times we are not blogging except for book reviews, so I turn that one off for a bit. I can still see their current posts when I do my daily check. Thanks for this clear post. I'll be saving it in my Evernote notes on blogging with kids!

  2. When I present on blogging there is always a conversation around how open the blogs should be. As you know I am a big advocate of being completely open (which does not preclude moderating comments.) Many of the teachers that I talk to tend to be much more conservative and I make sure I spend a lot of time explaining the settings so they can feel comfortable picking what they require (or what their district prefers.) I am sure that many teachers have dipped their feet into blogging with them being locked down and quickly realized what they were missing out on. Great post.

  3. Hi Joy, The reason I check all posts is that sometimes my students have spelling mistakes that completely change the meaning of their post and I also want to make sure they are staying totally safe. What I love, though about Kidblog is how you can change the settings to fit your needs.Bill, Whatever I can do help, i think blogging with students is an incredible way to work with them and I just want to ensure that others get as much support as possible to start.

  4. Sometimes the universe just knows what you need… I was just preparing today to get some of my teachers started with Kidblogs and was wondering what settings they should use. Before I even had a chance to search for anything, a link to this post popped up in my Twitter feed. Perfect! Thank you!

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