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How To Do Mystery Skype

This month, I was excited to have an article published in “Learning & Leading” on how to do a Mystery Skype call.  This exciting way to practice geography sills has been an almost weekly occurrence in our room this year and one which I hope many others will try as well.

Excerpt follows:

It is time for my students to guess where the class they are meeting for the first time via Skype is located.
“Is it North Carolina?”
There is silence in the classroom as my fifth graders crane their necks toward the screen.
“No!” shouts the voice from the computer speakers, and my students scramble back together. A buzz of “What could it be then?” envelops them.
This is what it sounds like when 23 students engage in what is known as Mystery Skype. The idea is incredibly simple, but the unfolding of the idea can be downright magical. When else can you see students using all of their background knowledge, tech savvy, and common sense just to figure out where someone is in the world?

 To read the rest of the article, please enjoy “Learning & Leading.”

7 thoughts on “How To Do Mystery Skype”

  1. this looks like such a fun idea. I would live to incorporate this in my 7th grade ELA classroom somehow next year. We use the Springboard curriculum so maybe prt wring up with another teacher that uses it would be helpful. Thanks for all the great ideas!

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